Our Mission

“Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over every living thing on earth”
Genesis 1:28

Our Mission is to spiritually and socially empower women. An empowered woman is grounded in her spiritual practice. This in turn informs her discipline for mind/body wellness, financial literacy, environmental stewardship and contribution to community. We host an annual conference that aims to equip women with the tools they need to live a fulfilling Christian experience, that in-turn inspires them to give back to the unfortunate back home. Founded by a Christian Pastor who is originally from Zimbabwe, the organization has to date focused its initiatives on Zimbabweans, with an emphasis on those living in the global diaspora. We are God’s kingdom agents here on earth and we are to rule, subdue and have dominion over the rest of creation, including the aggressive satanic forces. The goal is to dwell on a level of existence no lower than that which God has ordained, and indeed, to go forth with what the Lord bestowed on us and also help those in need.

Nyaradzo Sahwira International Plan (SIP)

Women Of Dominion International

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a lasting ministry on communities around the world; spiritually inspired by the network of empowered Christian women attending the annual WOD conference for years to come.

Who We Are

We are a Biblically-Christian-based non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any church or denomination. Women of Dominion (WOD) was founded in 2011 as a response to the desire of Zimbabwean women who live in the Diaspora for “mubatanidzwa” (Christian women’s gathering as held back home). As such, we focus on empowering, equipping, and motivating Zimbabwean women in exercising their God-given power, authority and dominion in the foreign lands where they live. The two founding initiatives is the annual conference that WOD hosts in various locations across the USA and 2) giving back to those unfortunate in Zimbabwe, facilitate by the Projects Coordination Team. We have also since developed another youth-based initiative, Girls Let’s Talk (GLT).

Our Core Values

  • Having Biblically faith principles, we believe in the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

  • Created in the image of God, we act on our God-given dominion and authority to be productive in His Kingdom

  • Being God’s stewards, we have a responsibility to take care and nurture those in need.

  • Being in Diaspora, we plan to leave legacy for our children born abroad.

WOD is run by an Executive Board and Board of Advisors, comprised of women Pastors, Pastors’ wives and other skilled women with vast expertise.

Disclaimer: WOD does not enforce its goals and beliefs on any person, church or organization. 

WOD Accomplishments

✓ Over 2,000 women have attended the annual conferences since our launch
✓ 50 young girls have participated in the GLT program
Dozens of people living with Albinism in Zimbabwe have benefited from our work

Thank You

Women Of Dominion International (WOD) is grateful to all our patrons, past, present and future. It is remarkable that a powerful community of engaged global citizens has become our larger sisterhood circle over the years of WOD annual conferences. Of special mention is our 2019 Host Team of New York/New Jersey for helping make our 8th Annual conference such a great event! The Conference was held at Hilton Hotel from June 28 to June 30, 2019. Thanks to all who attended the 2019 conference. We hope that you were empowered, informed and energized in some way by this experience, as we were inspired by you.

We also extend our thanks to all the presenters, sponsors, volunteers, Praise and Worship Team, Ushering Team, Pastors, Intercessors and delegates.

WOD 2022 Conference


Please be advised that this event will sell out, so online registration is advised. There will be no opportunities to register onsite in Los Angeles!!!

Registration is now open. To be registered, please submit your payment and confirm receipt of email confirmation.


Message from the 2022 conference committee leader

Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2022 brings the blessings only a new decade can offer. My name is Eula Anyiwo coming to you from Los Angeles California. I am the leader of a 15-member team of talented, committed, and creative women preparing to welcome you to the 11th Anniversary of Women of Dominion international conference being held at the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel. This venue has been carefully selected for convenient and easy access to and from The Los Angeles Airport. The hotel also has a free shuttle for hassle free travel.
So, what are we doing to get ready for you? My role on the team is to lead, guide, support and advise these amazing women to deliver an equally amazing conference for you.  We have sub teams working on fundraising, marketing, planning the menu, registration to name a few. We are also preparing some highlight of things you can do before or after the conference should you choose. I also serve as the board liaison to keep our work aligned with the vision and mission of Women of Dominion. All this to prepare a conference atmosphere where you can come, worship and commune with other Zimbabwean women from all over the world. Women of Dominion holds these conferences every year in different host cities across the US. I have attended 7 out of the last 8 conferences. Each time I have left with a warmed and energized spirit and a full heart, looking forward to the next conference. AND, I have met and stayed in touch with women who I am now proud to call my friends, sisters, mentors and prayer partners. I wish the same experience for you and that is why I am inviting you to come and be equally blessed. 
Besides working to bring you this uplifting conference, I also serve on the WOD Board of Directors. However, my most treasured experience is the opportunity to give back on one of WODs premier projects: supporting People Living with Albinism in Zimbabwe. You want to hear more about this and other opportunities to serve: Pack your bags and meet us at the Renaissance Airport Hotel from June 16 to June 19, 2022. But wait, you must register in order to attend. Go to www.womenofdominion.org. This conference sold out last year so don’t be left out. See you on June 16!!

For all Conference 2022 details, please click here


Our Leadership Team

Pastor Marvelous Ndhlovu

Pastor Marvelous is the Founder and President of Women of Dominion International (WOD). She holds a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in Accounting from the University of Zimbabwe and has worked professionally as an accountant. In addition, she graduated from Faith World Ministries Bible College in Harare, Zimbabwe with a Diploma in Practical Leadership. She lectured at the Bible College briefly, before migrating to the USA in 1999. In the USA, she attained bachelor’s degree in Practical Ministry with a major in Pastoral and Leadership from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Pastor Marvelous received the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior in a small group at the age of 23 in Zimbabwe. She became extensively involved in Faith World Ministries Church and was a leader of both the youth ministry and virtuous young women ministry until she came to the USA. Here, she has worked with young adults as well as women in various ministries. Her passion is to inspire women to exercise their God-given dominion in order to reach their full potential through prayer and intercession. Currently, she is the Resident Pastor at Restoration International Christian Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Pastor Marvelous is married to Owen Ndhlovu and they live in Indianapolis with their three daughters Musa, Mazvita and Nomusa.

She was inspired to create an organization that could serve as an interdenominational ministry with a mission to empower and equip women; with a focus on immigrant women from her native Zimbabwe. Each year the organization hosts an annual conference that brings Zimbabwean women residing in various parts of the world for a unique and inspiring fellowship experience. In her role as President of WOD, Pastor Marvelous oversees the day to day executive function of the nonprofit and has a dozen women on a leadership team that supports the successful mission of the organization.

To all the patrons, supporters and friends of WOD, she says, “Thank you very much for believing in this important cause to minister to women. The circle of women who are beneficiaries of this work continues to grow and it is inspiring to see what this empowered community is becoming. In answering God’s call to get on this path that is the Women of Dominion, I am deeply grateful for each of you because you make this dream a reality. For everyone who has donated money or contributed in some way; the progress we are making is largely because of you. Please know that I have you in my prayers and I trust that together, we can make the world a better place, one woman at a time. May God Bless you in your endeavors.”


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WOD Initiatives


Annual Conference

ALL ROADS LEAD TO CALIFORNIA. Please be advised that this event will sell out, so online registration is advised. There will be no opportunities to register onsite in Los Angeles!!!

Registration is now open. To be registered, please submit your payment and confirm receipt of email confirmation.

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Girls Let’s Talk (GLT)

Girls Let’s Talk (GLT) is a program initiative of the Women of Dominion whose goal is to empower young African women especially those residing in the Diaspora.

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People Living With Albinism (PLWA)

At Women of Dominion, we recognize that the definition of a successful life ought to include service to others. As such, we are honored to have the opportunity to engage in efforts that support people living with albinism in Zimbabwe. There’s much to be done, so we hope you will join us.

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