Initiative #1: Annual WOD Conference

This is the original initiative and remains the principal focus for our organization. This annual Christian conference is held in host cities across the USA with an average of 200 women attending each conference. The goal is to serve the need for Zimbabwean women who are spread around the world to get together in fellowship, prayer and dialogue. The conference is a big a draw of Zimbabwean women from as far as Australia, Middle East and Africa. Typically, the conference has a keynote speaker who addresses and ministers to attendees in sessions throughout the conference. Conference goers also get opportunities to attend smaller breakout sessions, network with other women and are motivated to live a fulfilled Christian Life. Several women have shared their inspiring testimonies of what came out of their conference experience

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Initiative #2: Girls Let’s Talk (GLT)

Girls Let’s Talk (GLT) is the youth division of WOD that was launched in 2015 to serve as a vehicle for the grooming of the next generation of women of dominion. It started with a need to accommodate women who would otherwise not be able to attend the annual WOD conference if they could not bring their kids due to childcare resource challenges. Instead of children simply being spectators at WOD conferences, this program helped to channel the attention of these young attendees towards relevant spiritual and cultural dialogue. The broader goal is empowerment for the children of women who attend the WOD annual conference. Often these children are first generation Americans, or they migrated to the USA from Zimbabwe at a very young age. As such, they tend to identify as a sub-culture since their lived experience is unique in many ways from their growing American identity. This initiative attempts to meet them where they are – to accept who they are, be proud of who they are and to embrace their Zimbabwean cultural heritage & native languages. The foundation of the teachings through GLT is to offer an opportunity for them to learn from their parents about their spiritual practice. The perspective is that as parents, we are to partner with God to raise these young people to be kind and empowered global citizens.

The initiative focuses on three age groups, though it is not uncommon to find some children in a different age group depending on their level of development and their parents’ recommendation. There’s no obligation to participate in GLT – it is important to note that this program is a courageous invitation to lean into an unconventional learning that may be very different from the formal academic programs and outside social structures that these young people are exposed to.

College: 18yrs and above

Teens: 12yrs – 17yrs

Pre-teens: 7yrs – 11yrs

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Initiative #3: Women Engagement

Women empowerment is one of WOD Initiatives that is facilitated by the Projects Coordination team. One of the founding goals of WOD is to engage in community service in some capacity with a focus on communities in Zimbabwe. We think of this work as a process that facilitates communication, involvement, and exchange with communities for social and spiritual development. To date, WOD contributes to projects in support of people living with Albinism, students in rural areas and grandmothers who take on caretaker roles in families affected by disease such as HIV/Aids. The projects coordination team is composed of project management process groups that assure the execution of various projects aimed to benefit vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe. WOD is in the process of organizing the first annual mission trip to Zimbabwe that will give volunteers an opportunity to participate in these projects and give back. Please consider making a financial donation to support this work. In addition, you may contact our projects team to learn more about other ways to get involved.

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