Girls Let’s Talk (GLT)

Girls Let’s Talk (GLT) is a program of the Women of Dominion whose goal is to empower young African women, especially those residing in the Diaspora. The girls who participate in the program attend monthly meetings on a phone conference call. They also have a much-acclaimed opportunity to meet in person at the annual Women of Dominion (WOD) conference. We recognize the needs of the immigrant African American girl and aim to help her establish her authentic identity. The idea is to offer a support system to the girl who must navigate the challenges of being a part of one culture at home, while simultaneously thriving in another world of norms and values. GLT is a program that serves to bridge the gap by empowering these girls’ modesty, purity, and respect for self.

GLT’s program is run by a leadership committee affiliated with WOD. They invest time with the intention to make a positive impact in the lives of young girls who will grow up to have an important voice in the world. They say, “When your roots are deep, you don’t fear the wind” – We hope that through this program, our girls have fulfilling experiences that will include:

  1. Be empowered, make new friends who not only look like them but also share similar roots
  2. Find their identity and be proud of who they are.
  3. Get an opportunity to discover their voice and skills on a safe platform.
  4. Attend GLT conferences, be celebrated and receive tools for development into becoming tomorrow’s leader.

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.”

~ 1 Peter 2:9-1

The mission of GLT is to spiritually empower, socially uplift and mentally equip the African teenage girl to preserve their PURITY, MODESTY & RESPECT for herself and for God!


The vision is to see the teens of today become empowered adults who have maintained the Biblical truths of purity and modesty and are rooted in the Word of God. We want to create a generation of parents who do not conform to the standards of this world for HIS name’s sake. An immigrant maintaining pride in her heritage and culture is a God-given value and must be maintained for generations to come.


When working with children and young adults, it is paramount for any program initiatives to encourage parental involvement as they are the foundation of the village tasked with raising a generation that will make a meaningful contribution to the world. GLT offers mentorship and instruction in various value systems including the following.


“True love waits” has become a bad notion in some circles of society for many reasons. It’s considered old fashioned amongst the youth of today to be a virgin, yet the Bible emphasizes the importance of virgins. It is pleasing to the Lord when we are obedient in keeping his temple (one’s body), Holy for his purposes. He marks that as righteousness. Following many weeks of Bible study and teachings; willing teens will sign the Purity Pledge and receive a Purity ring at the annual conference.

Note: Purity pledge is optional and parent discretion recommended.


We encourage teens to be modest in all aspects of life. They do not need to conform to the standards of this world. Worldly beauty is only skin deep, but godly beauty is as deep as the character of a person. The very first meeting our GLT founder had with 5 girls at a Culver’s ice cream place, involved asking the questions: What is modesty to you? What has mom told you? What does the Bible say? Here is a summary of what they said:    

-it’s to be conservative, protecting, the humility of person  

-it’s a character issue

-it’s your attitude and your use of words.    

-showing your cleavage is inviting the wrong kind of guys to pay attention to you

This is testament to the fact that children listen to their Parents and more importantly emulate their parents. May we encourage parents to keep talking to your children and remain the voice of reason for as long as you have their attention.


Many Bible topics are taught by a variety of GLT speakers all throughout the year. The annual conference provides a platform for real-time dialogue and experience. Some examples of themes discussed are self-love, the pride of heritage, money, and culture, fruits of the spirit, armor of God, money and prayer. GLT program participants are offered ideas to study, research and prepare presentations of what they learned. Some of the early program attendees are now in college and it’s inspiring to see them continue to be engaged with GLT to encourage the younger girls. Some have gone into leadership positions as Pastors and teachers of the Word of God. When they attend our GLT annual meetings, they take the opportunity to offer some guidance to the youth who are still enrolled in the program.  

For questions or inquiries, please contact the GLT Founder, Maud Makoni at:

Rebecca Makayi

My name is Rebecca Makayi and am married with two kids. I live in Minnesota where I serve as a Senior Pastor of PCI Church. I am also the Founder and President of Immigrant Women Coalition USA. I have worked with WOD as a Secretary since the organization was launched.  WOD has given me courage to answer the call of God on my life without fear. I found my place in a male-dominated field without feeling inferior but an understanding that l was born to occupy, dominate and make a positive impact in the world. As a woman of dominion, l have the intention to leave an indelible mark as a spirited change maker in a world yearning for empathy. It is my aspiration that every woman would liven the world through exercising our God-given dominion mandate. The more women are empowered, the brighter the world will be.

Maud Makoni

My name is Maud Makoni and I currently live in Naperville, Illinois. I earned a degree in Occupational therapy in Zimbabwe and have since attained specialty education that opened opportunities for me to transition into orthopedic hand rehabilitation work. I am currently enrolled in a doctoral program in this field and aim to graduate in 2021. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Kumbirayi Makoni, for over 20years, and together we have raised three beautiful children, two daughters, Matida and Mazvita and our son Kudzwai. Within Women of Dominion, I serve as the Board Chairperson and am the founder of the youth division, Girls Let’s Talk. This youth group helps our future female doctors, lawyers, artists, scientists, mothers, and leaders aged 7yrs to college age to find their identity in Christ before ethnicity and color. My day to day interaction with the program focuses on the teen age group.

WOD has been a refreshingly positive influence for Zimbabwean women in the global diaspora. It has given us an opportunity to worship in our native languages, Shona and Ndebele. WOD has created a space and a community through which I can grow and what’s been encouraging is that my family has been on this development journey with me. As a woman of color, I aspire to leave a legacy of breaking professional and religious barriers for the next generation. God can use anyone, and the sky is the limit with Christ by your side.

Tariro Matsikire

My name is Tariro Matsikire and I live in Texas with my husband and 3 children. I work as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and I must say that when interacting with patients, I find solace in being able to tap into my faith & spiritual practice. With the GLT program, I currently support the girls aged 11years and under. Even at that delicate age, it is inspiring to see them embrace their heritage and have confidence in who they are as children of Zimbabwean immigrants. Through the word of God, the girls are taught modesty, purity and self-control. It is rewarding to witness some of the girls put in practice what they learn through this unique program. The number of children attending the conference has significantly increased since the group was first founded, and it is exciting to watch what God has in store for the group.

Jackie Mateta

My name is Jackie Mateta. I live in Philadelphia, PA with my wonderful husband of over 2 decades and our 3 beautiful daughters Michelle, Panashe and Sharon. I passionately serve God alongside my husband Patrick, who is a Pastor at Victory Christian Life Center. I have been involved with WOD’s GLT program since its inception in 2015 and my current role is to serve as an Intercessor and Mentor to young adults who are in the college age group. It has been such an inspiration to watch young people grow through this program and I must say I have also learned a lot about myself through serving others. Each time I attend the WOD annual Conference, I am blessed. I continue to be amazed at how God is molding our children to embrace their true identity in Christ. They walk in confidence knowing that they can do all things through Christ.